About us

Our values are based on a simple idea: putting tenants at the heart of our story...

What has shaped our story

At Colonies, we believe that a home should be more than just walls.
To feel "at home". A place, a feeling that allows us to move forward, to dream and to bring our projects to life. It is a safe and sound refuge. Often a peaceful bubble, it is above all here that we can drop the mask and be ourselves.
A house is simply moments of happiness: a Saturday morning with nothing more on you than socks and a smile, several sleepless nights, great sleepovers, the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, an autumn Sunday spent on the couch or endless late night discussions. It is an open door to family and friends who drop by unexpectedly. In short, it is where the most beautiful memories remain and where the best days start...

Why the name Colonies?

It's the same for animals, insects, and soon for humans on Mars... and in our homes! At Colonies, the main goal is to imagine spacious living spaces where each tenant has his place and contributes in his own way to improve the experience of living together: To make every day count.

What motivates us in the morning

Creating homes is our passion. Helping people find theirs easily is why we get up in the morning. Building projects that fit their lives is what we want and do every day.

Whether it's a mansion or an apartment, we want to create homes where you feel comfortable, confident and ready to conquer the world. How do we do this? By creating attractive, well-equipped, tastefully decorated living spaces that reduce all the friction points of a typical coliving arrangement. Our approach to coliving is based on 3 pillars: private bubbles that guarantee privacy, generous common areas that offer ambitious amenities and a vibrant community, selected to live well together.

The Team behind the magic

Behind the name and concept of Colonies are men and women of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Colonies is a varied expertise but a common ambition. Here, everything is internalized from A to Z to guarantee the best possible living experience.
Finding the perfect match
Our real estate development teams look for the most promising investors and properties that will become the Colonies homes of tomorrow. With a keen eye, they know how to detect the potential of a building, the charm of wood and stone as well as the possible developments of a plot of land. No nugget can resist them!
Photos of the founders of Colonies Alexandre Martin Amaury Courbon and François Roth
All beautiful, all Colonies
Our architects, interior designers and construction project managers are responsible for the use of the homes. They are the ones who will create for you the warm universe, the friendly atmosphere so familiar to Colonies homes as well as the perfect balance between private bubbles and shared spaces with strong added values. Every day, they are full of ideas and ingenuity to offer you the most beautiful rooftop, the best cinema room, the perfectly fitted gym in the basement or the jacuzzi hidden in the corner of the garden.
Just like at home
What would Colonies be without our experience team whose modjo is our core mission: to allow you to live your life to the fullest without worrying about the small stuff! It is composed of our sales managers, in other words the "community builders", those who will listen to you and help you find THE group that matches your personality with surely friendships and even who knows love at the end... And finally, our famous Residence Managers will accompany you daily from the day you arrive to answer your questions and requests. A life partner of sorts who will guide you towards the best way to live (and enjoy) shared accommodation!
Join the adventure

Note from the team

Our Brand embodies that initial spark and all the energy our team is deploying every day to make it happen. It gathers who we are, why we wake up in the morning, and how people should feel about us. Whether they are a tenant living in one of our homes, a partenaire, or a supplier.
“Home” is both deeply intimate and truly universal. Reinventing this complex experience by working on Colonies is the most complete and thrilling challenge we ever take. We hope it will make you as passionate and proud as we are.

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