Onboarding is the stage that directly follows recruitment. This period is key to building loyalty, attracting new talent, developing the employer brand, reducing turnover and ensuring commitment.

This is the first step in the life of a new employee, deployed by a company to welcome and support the rise of new recruits. It is said that the first impression is often the right one. This is why, at Colonies, we pay particular attention to the first steps of an employee in a company. We also wanted to involve all the players at Colonies: new employees are integrated by the founders, HR, their managers and the teams to quickly include them in the project and make them adhere to our culture.

In 2016, Colonies was created and in 2017, it recruited its first employee. Four years later, 50 new employees have joined us to accompany us in our hyper-growth and meet our ambitious challenges: to become the number one player in coliving in Europe. These numerous recruitments have led us to rethink our onboarding in order to combine consistency and efficiency and to make the employee operational as quickly as possible. With each new arrival, we strive to perfect and adapt this process to make it effective and unique.

Here is the ideal recipe for onboarding at Colonies

Our onboarding is based on 2 main ingredients to reach the perfect recipe.

1st ingredient : 1 kg of good communication

  • 500g to the new employee: upon acceptance of the letter of employment, the new hire receives a congratulatory email from the people involved in the recruitment and integration process to welcome him or her to the Colonies team and get him or her started on this new adventure. The Office Manager (OM) then takes charge of the rest of the process, starting the countdown and communicating the schedule for the first two days and access to the various tools.
  • 500g for the rest of the teams: the employee then sends OM a summary biography and a photo so that the teams can discover him or her. It ensures that everyone involved in the onboarding process has anticipated the arrival and the support to be provided.

2nd ingredient : 4 spices for onboarding

  • 1st spice - OM cinnamon: anticipate the arrival (material, tools, training, communication, planning of the first 2 days, etc), organize the Welcome BreakFast, present the Welcome Guide (internal organization, values, business model and HR policy) and transmit the Welcome Kit (goodies, PC, badges, etc)
  • 2nd spice - the Buddy curry: prepare the arrival (training, communication, supports, etc.), present the premises, the teams, the job and the tools of the team (Welcome Guide job), organize the soft opening (test of the new accommodation, in the skin of a tenant, in anticipation of the openings) and ensure the follow-up of the progress of the new recruit throughout the trial period and his integration within the team.
  • 3rd spice - the pepper manager: anticipate the arrival (setting objectives, schedules, defining the scope of intervention, etc.), ensure the employee's progress in the job, evaluate the margin for progress and monitor the trial period.
  • 4th spice: the licorice HR: to be close to the onboarded during his integration and available throughout his life at Colonies.

The little trick for perfect cooking:

Benchmark the best on the market to gather inputs and feed our thinking. We also relied on feedback from our employees and on the results of surveys of our new recruits. In turn, we hope that our onboarding can be a source of inspiration for others. If you would like to share your experience, please do so. We're always looking for new ideas ;)

Written by Minh Vo - Office Manager at Colonies