Genesis of the story, today's challenge, tomorrow's ambition: we explain everything about the new brand identity of Colonies.

Genesis of the story

Colonies is the story of 3 friends: Amaury, François & Alex, met on the benches of Essec, successively roommates, friends to quickly become inseparable. The rest you know: a nightmarish experience to find accommodation as students and then young workers, a first successful experience of affordable roommate business and a will to renew and perpetuate the exercise. But behind this story is the adventure of 3 boys full of future**, entrepreneurs, eager to crack Steve Jobs' mojo, passionate about science fiction, star wars and a potential life on Mars, who had above all dreams full of head: build in an innovative way the habitats of the future.

Colonies was born: a Coliving concept welcoming pioneers of city life living under a banner (not yet starry or Martian but it will be soon) that would experiment with innovative and intelligent housing.

So the target projects were found: Build brand new, state-of-the-art, large projects with modern architecture that would provide the ultimate living experience mixing the best of privacy and shared spaces with services and an incredible community. The dream is becoming a reality: Paris (Heliopolis, Cambronne), Moulon, Versailles or Toulouse...these are what we call internally "large projects" with a sleek design, an ambitious structure that can accommodate up to a hundred private spaces are now emerging and will be able to welcome their first colony of tenants by 2022.

Today's challenge

Along the way, another obvious fact became clear: it was possible and urgent to reinvent the current habitat. Tomorrow's ambitions had to coexist with today's needs. It was necessary to create a quick and efficient way to meet the needs of tenants in existing housing and to adapt this model on a large scale for traditional housing projects... 3 years later: more than 30 residences are now open and hundreds of tenants have spent more than 45,000 nights with their feet on the ground and their heads in the stars. It was already a beautiful draft of a Martian chronicle... It would be above all a formidable humanadventure .

That's what allowed us to focus on what really mattered and the real reason we wanted to get up in the morning, even before we put on the astronaut suit:

  • We put people and individuality at the heart of what we do to create a vibrant community
  • We create homes long before we create housing solutions. Feeling at home is our number one priority.
  • We are continually striving to be the best possible shared living experience on the market

2020: Colonies has grown, evolved, matured, the model has attracted investors who have entrusted us with the keys to the rocket in order to support our growth ambitions: to reach 1000 tenants before the end of 2021.

Rebranding as a growth lever

To evolve our Colonies brand, therefore, seemed as obvious to us as the versions of Apollo that allowed Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon. We needed to be very clear about the Who, What and Why?

A brand is not just a logo or a question of design. A brand is all about perceptions and feelings. It's what lives in the minds of everyone who experiences it. It is a mix of culture, products, people and identity. Working with consistency, they are one of the most powerful levers in a growth strategy.

It is still uncommon to truly work a brand in the real estate sector and more specifically in housing. Many people use an Apple iphone, drink Coke Zero, buy on Amazon or even work for Total but few people live "at " a brand. We hope that tomorrow it will be commonplace to say I live at Colonies, welcome to my home!

"Feeling at home" is both deeply intimate and truly universal. Reinventing this complex experience by working on Colonies as THE strong brand in the industry is the most comprehensive and exciting challenge we've ever faced. We hope it makes you as excited as we are proud to present it to you!

Because whether it is towards the infinite and the beyond or between Paris and Marseille, Colonies as it is today still has very beautiful things to show. This is only the beginning of a great adventure. Stay tuned, check out our new website, subscribe to our networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook), beautiful surprises await you!